It is our mission to train and keep your staff updated ! 


Our training courses are designed to suit your experience level 


Training Courses


The Care Certificate Training Course Pack


All staff are required to undertake The Care Certificate Framework

 in order to adhere with standards.


We do offer a new-starter Care Certificate course for new employees

(with no experience), and also a refresher Care Certificate course is

available for staff already working in care homes.




For more information regarding available training dates and fees please call our office.  CALL NOW: 0191 597 0335

 Mandatory training and induction standards


1. Understand your role                                     
2. Your personal development                         
3. Duty of care                                                      
4. Equality and diversity                                           
5. Work in a person centred way                      
6. Communication                                                  
7. Privacy and dignity                                            
8. Fluids and nutrition

9.  Awareness of mental health,
 dementia and learning disability

10.   Health and Safety

11.  Basic Life Support

12.  Handling information

13.  Infection prevention and control  

14.  Safeguarding Children 

15.   Safeguarding Adults